Ukraine experiences boom on electric cars

invest in Ukraine: boom on electric cars

This article discusses the #statistical data in relation to sale of #electric cars in Ukraine, which following recent #cancellation of all import duties shows #significant growth in comparison with the last year indicators.

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As of 1 January 2016 Ukraine cancelled all import duties applicable to import of electric vehicles on the territory of Ukraine. The importers of electric vehicles are obliged to pay only VAT now.

This resulted in immediate growth in the amount of electric cars sales. For the first two months of 2016 there were 125 new electric cars registered in Ukraine, which resulted in 22% growth in comparison with a number of cars as of 31 December 2015. We note that there were only 115 electric vehicles registered in Ukraine as of 31 December 2014 and 568 as of 31 December 2015 (growth rate of 393%). The rate of growth of electric cars sales in Ukraine is comparable to that of Portugal.

The absolute leader of electric cars sales in Ukraine is Nissan Leaf. There are over 485 cars of this model registered in Ukraine with more than 100 cars bought in January-February 2016. In addition, Odesa is the city where the majority of electric cars sales take place and in which there is the most developed network of charging stations in Ukraine.

While the main reason of such growth is attributed to changes in tax and customs legislation and cancellation of all import duties, some claim that Ukrainians now tend to view a purchase of electric car as valuable investment which can contribute to minimization of expenses on fuel and maintenance of ordinary cars. In addition, abolition of import duties resulted in decline of prices for electric cars by approximately 10-30%. Therefore, the latest model of Nissan Leaf can be bought for around EUR 30,000 in Ukraine.

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  1. Glad to read that electric cars are becoming more popular in Ukraine. The next step should be to encourage Japanese to invest in assembling such cars in Ukraine, gradually to supply both domestic and East European market. Cooperate with Canada where electric cars have been targeted as government’s industrial development priority.

  2. A significant trend is noticeable in some parts of the US where electric vehicle charging stations are becoming a convenient part of major hotels infrastructure, not unlike WiFi was a few years ago. Tesla Motors, a major distributor of el. vehicles, is offering software to help drivers locate such charging stations. Some cities, in cooperation with local power companies, have installed el. chargers as part of municipal infrastructure. A significant challenge is to reduce the cost of el. batteries which is a matter of time.

  3. I found some interesting stats on electric cars registration 2015:
    China 207,380, USA 115,310, The Netherlands 43,970, Norway 34,340, the UK 28,190, France 27720, Germany 23,460, Swene 8,970, all others about 30,000 . It’s important that TESLA will be releasing a new model in the USA priced at $35,000 while it former models were priced at $75,000 !

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