Ukraine and Israel will sign an agreement on labour migration

This article discusses plans of the #Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine to conclude an #agreement with #Israel with the purposes of #simplification of #labour migration between two countries.

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Ukraine and Israel will sign an agreement on labour migration, which aims at simplification of procedures for registration of employment of citizens of both countries. The agreement will allow certain categories of Ukrainian employees to undergo Israeli labour registration procedures quicker and vice versa. Such an agreement aims at strengthening of economic and business cooperation between Ukraine and Israel.

We note that following visit of the President of Ukraine to Israel in December 2015, it was announced that the governments of Ukraine and Israel are commencing negotiations in relation to a free trade zone agreement between two countries. The President of Ukraine stated that the free trade zone with Israel is due to operate in the first half of 2016. Also, a number of other important bilateral economic collaboration agreements were signed in the areas of air traffic, employment and education.

We note that in 2015 Ukraine was trading with 217 countries. Diversification of trade partners seems to be the latest trend in the Ukrainian economy. Following launching of EU-Ukraine free trade zone from 01 January 2016, Ukraine also announced its plans to conclude similar free trade zone agreements with Canada and Turkey in 2016. In addition, Ukraine aims to strengthen its business and trade cooperation with China through implementation of a new trade route between Ukraine and China, which is designed for transportation of goods avoiding the territory of the Russian Federation. On 15 January 2016, the first cargo was loaded on a ferry in the Ukrainian port of Illichivsk to be transported to China via Black and Caspian seas and railway routes through Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. It reached the Chinese border in 16 days.

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