Impact of the US presidential elections on Ukraine

Investing in Ukraine: Impact of the US presidential elections on Ukraine

This article provides some insight over the likely #impact of the #US #presidential #elections on #Ukraine and its #economy.

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Following a spectacular win of the US presidential elections by Donald Trump, some experts gave their prognosis regarding the impact of the elections results in the US on Ukraine and its relations with the USA.

Mr. Donald Trump has been mentioning Ukraine several times during his presidential campaign. Mostly these issues touched the matters of annexation of Crimea, military conflict in Eastern Ukraine and membership of Ukraine in NATO block. While in the beginning of his campaign Mr. Trump was often sympathizing the leadership skills of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, which led many experts to think that the US international policy under Trump will be more pro-Russian and less Ukrainian-friendly, towards the later stages of the presidential campaign Mr. Trump was giving more precise overlook on the important aspects of US-Ukraine relations. Thus, he expressed concern over the situation in the Eastern Ukraine and blamed Russia for new tensions in the region.

In addition, the vice-president of the USA, Mr. Mike Pence, is well-known for his support of Ukraine and lobbying of supply of weapons to Ukrainian army as well as increase sanctions on the Russian Federation.

The Ambassador of the United States of America to Ukraine as well as the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Unites States of America are both confident that the level of support of Ukraine from the USA will remain the same or even expanding in some areas.

At the same time, the situation on global markets may worsen significantly after the US presidential elections. This especially relates to commodity markets of goods, which are the main export of Ukraine. Thus, some experts predict that decrease in commodity prices will substantially affect Ukrainian export revenues and national currency exchange rate.

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