Investing in Ukraine: US and Canada to host a series of trade & investment conferences

Four conferences dedicated to discussing the future of trade and investments in Ukraine will be held on March 2-14, 2017 in the US and Canada. Given the importance of issues the event brings to the fore, the hosts have announced it as unique in its scale. The official sponsors include the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and a number of Ukrainian and global companies like Ukrposhta or Turkish Airlines.

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The conferences will take place in Toronto, New York, Houston and San Francisco. Each of the events offers a rich and interesting program involving representatives of government and business sectors as well as international investors. The program for the conference was a joint effort on the part of hosts and industry experts in order to maximize the value of the input and discussions. At the same time, the hosts encourage the participants to book one-on-one meetings with the companies.

Panel discussions

The opening conference is to be held in Toronto, Canada, on March 2-3. The major panel discussions are dedicated to economic cooperation between Canada and Ukraine, opportunities for Canadian investments in Ukrainian agricultural and energy sectors as well as infrastructure.

The following conferences, held in New York, Houston and San Francisco, will feature the same array of topics with a relevant focus for those areas.


Thanks to the diversity of participants, the delegates have a unique opportunity to get the latest insights into the most promising industries and projects unfolding in Ukraine as well as the most relevant industry benchmarks and government estimates.

In particular, the keynote speakers will include Volodymyr Omelyan, Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Ukraine, CEOs of major national infrastructure companies in Ukraine and more.

The hosts are particularly keen to foster direct interaction between the delegates. A lot of time is planned to be dedicated to networking and one-on-one meetings which are meant to establish even closer ties between potential investors.

It is worth noting that the event is open to businesses of all sizes. In fact, SMBs are particularly welcomed. Invest & Trade in Ukraine is expected to greatly facilitate and speed up business interactions between Ukraine, Canada and the US.

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