The largest low-cost airline is now in Ukraine

Investing in Ukraine: The largest low-cost airline is now in Ukraine

Huge news for tourists: the biggest European low-cost commercial airline company, Ryanair, embraces new markets and comes to Ukraine. The official announcement must be made on March 15 by Vladimir Omelian, Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure, and David O’Brien, the commercial director of Air Company.

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Ryanair is a low-cost carrier headquartered in Great Britain. It is the principal carrier in the European market. Ryanair conveys almost 1,850 daily flights from more than 80 centers and connects over 200 cities in 33 countries. The company provides work for over 11 thousand people. Its management plans to have over 520 planes and carry 160 million travelers by 2024. The major achievement of this organization is its quick growth, which allows it to be the most popular low-cost carrier in Europe.

It is likely that the first Ryanair flights will be carried from Poznan to Ukraine. According to the chief of Poznan airport Mariusz Vyatrovski, the discussions on the new routes were conducted between the airport administration and the delegates of the air company. Mr. Vyatrovski assumed that the flights from Ukraine could be initiated this summer.

However, the most important question for the customers is the price. Can we expect cheap tickets or is Ryanair just another “expensive” low-cost airline? If we look at Polish experience, we can see that tickets from Wroclaw to Warsaw can be bought for approximately 8 EUR. During the sales, thousands of tickets can be purchased for only 9.99 EUR. If Ukraine is the new market for Ryanair, it is logical that the airline will offer a large number of tickets at low prices. Still, we cannot expect such a marketing policy to last for a long time. According to Ryanair’s official information, in the last year, the average price for one flight was 46.67 euros. So, if you buy a ticket for 10 EUR, someone has to spend 90 EUR on a flight.

If we talk about the potential routes, Poland and Italy are obviously the most popular destinations for Ukrainians. Most of our citizens travel to these countries for work and come back for holidays or to solve document issues. These people are hypothetical frequent flyers for Ryanair.

As for competition, several budget airlines like Wizz Air, Aegean, and FlyDubai have been successfully working in the Ukrainian market for decades. Unfortunately, their prices are not much cheaper than those of classic carriers. Will Ryanair be different? Let’s see!

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