Ukrainian Motor Sich shows off first Ukrainian helicopter

Investing in Ukraine: Ukrainian Motor Sich shows off first Ukrainian helicopter

#Ukrainian #aircraft #engine #manufacturer #Motor #Sich from #Zaporizhia has recently presented its first #helicopter. The helicopter has a #meaningful name “#Nadiya” (from Ukrainian “hope”), symbolizing hope for the #industrial #development of Ukraine and #high-tech #solutions in the country. Shortly before that, the company announced its #plans to #start #production of #helicopters in 2018.

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On 19 August, Ukrainian Motor Sich, one of the largest manufacturers of engines for airplanes and helicopters worldwide based in Zaporizhia, Southern Ukraine, which also operates Motor Sich Airlines, showed off its first helicopter. More importantly, this is also the first helicopter produced in Ukraine. It has a symbolic name “Nadiya” (from Ukrainian “hope”), a press release on the website of the Zaporizhia State Administration said. The presentation took place at the Mokra airfield in Zaporizhia.

The helicopter was presented by the president of Motor Sich Vyacheslav Boguslayev. According to Mr. Boguslayev, the helicopter symbolizes hope for the development of the country and high-tech solutions in Ukraine. It took the company 10 years to produce the first Ukrainian helicopter, which should also mark the start of a new Ukrainian industry.

It is expected that Nadiya due to its versatility will be used for various tasks in the civilian and military field. For example, the new helicopter can be further used for traffic monitoring, monitoring of oil and gas pipelines, for agricultural purposes, for civilian passenger transport as well as for military purposes. Furthermore, its maximum range is approx. 1000 km. The helicopter can also carry up to seven passengers.

The precise production start date has not been specified yet. Earlier, the company announced its plans to start manufacturing its own helicopters in 2018.

Motor Sich is a joint stock company specializing in the manufacture of aircraft and gas turbine engines. Currently, parts manufactured by Motor Sich for aircraft and helicopters are in operation in 120 countries around the world. The company production facilities are located in Zaporizhia, Snizhne and Wolochysk.

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